W650Combine harvesters

John Deere W650 is a worthy representative of a new family of W for high performance combined with excellent build quality. The designers have paid attention to all the elements of the combine – from the design of the drum to the cab and managed to make a new combine harvester John Deere one of the best in its class.

Easy to use controls

Controls CommandARM console Controls CommandARM console

The CommandARM armrest provides access to commonly used controls combine:

  • Regulation harvester (switch)
  • The switch for adjusting the speed of rotation of threshing drum
  • Switch fan speed control cleaning system
  • Switch the guides of the spreader (if available)
  • Switch to adjust the sensitivity/smoothness of operation of the inclined chamber
  • The switch of adjustment of concave clearance
  • The adjustment switch on the top/bottom sieve (if available)
  • Switch angle adjustment of the guides of the spreader (if available)
  • The confirmation button
  • The cancel button
  • Kropka main menu
  • Return to main menu
  • Rotary knob selection
  • Quick access buttons menu display
  • Switches tilt-HillMaster (when available)
  • Rotary knob fan speed control cab
  • The defrost switch
  • Switch air conditioner
  • Lever handle temperature control
  • Switches working light
  • Switches rotating beacon
  • Switch emergency lighting


The CommandARM armrest provides incomparable management capabilities and combine harvesters. The controls are designed and positioned for improved ergonomics and easy to find and use. Operators will appreciate the nice look and material of these management consoles on machines that are by design similar to the consoles used on John Deere tractors.

Adjustment of the combine Adjustment of the combine

Adjustable CommandARM armrest allows the operator to select the height that best fits his personal preferences. The CommandARM armrest is adjustable in angle of inclination, in longitudinal and vertical directions, which allows you to fine tune it for the convenience of the operator.

Transmission with push button shift transmission provides ease of management


Transmission with push button shift transmission (PBST) is an electric three-stage transmission. Transmission PBST provides operators with a quick and easy way of shifting on the harvester simply by pressing three buttons. PBST includes Electromechanical Parking brake, which is activated by a simple push of a button on the armrest console CommandTouch™.

PBST on the CommandTouch armrest PBST on the CommandTouch armrest
The Parking brake indicator on the digital corner rack The Parking brake indicator on the digital corner rack
Button Parking brake switch Button Parking brake switch

Operation of Electromechanical brake Parking brake similar to the ProDrive™. When installing the hydraulic lever is engaged in the neutral position Parking brake is automatically activated to prevent accidental displacement. In this position it can be locked by Parking brake lever button on the CommandTouch armrest console.


A warning on the display CommandTouch notifies the operator that the Parking brake is applied, if it was not disconnected before moving a hydraulic lever. When you turn off the engine of the combine harvester Parking brake is automatically activated.

Scheme of the main drive

A diagram of the power drive A diagram of the power drive

Simplicity power transmission ensures stable and reliable transfer of engine power to all basic mechanisms.
V-belts made of solid Kevlar, which ensures minimum stretch and long service life.

Drive chains are equipped with o-rings for longer life. The main drives have built-in strain gauges to simplify and speed up maintenance.

Indicate on the diagram

  1. Oblique camera
  2. Drum
  3. Cleaning plate
  4. Pneumatic beater
  5. Separator
  6. Discharge beater
  7. The unloading auger
  8. Cleaning
  9. Engine
  10. Hydraulic system
  11. Keyboards straw walkers
  12. Straw chopper

Kevlar is a registered U.S. trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company

Better visibility means better harvesting

Review of harvester Review of harvester

Unsurpassed visibility to the harvester from the cab. Large, wide-angle front windshield provides an unobstructed view from one side to the other and from top to bottom. Stand the cabin is much narrower than on the series 70 models, and operator’s seat installed in the center of the cabin.

Excellent visibility to the left and right of the harvester is achieved due to the shape of the left and right Windows. Visibility while unloading was also improved with an additional area of glass in the left door. Narrow corner posts of the cab with the recently modified digital display provides nearly 180-degree visibility to monitor positioned in front of equipment, operations of discharge and situations when driving on the road. The placement of the display on CommandARM console the corner and the ability to install third display provide a good overview of the harvester and road transport.

Rear visibility
The cab The cab

The rear window provides best-in-class overview of the grain tank and grain quality.

HillMaster harvester guarantees the same performance on slopes up to 22%, and plains

HillMaster HillMaster

Combine HillMaster is the answer of John Deere on the need to ensure the same performance on slopes up to 22 %, and plains. Alignment of all processor ensures operator comfort and better performance. System cleanse and separation can operate with maximum throughput. Efficiency is also supported by the fact that the grain tank is also aligned. And it allows a feed screw to fill it completely.

HillMaster automatically and continuously aligns the entire vehicle, providing the following advantages during operation on slopes:

  • Maximum throughput for separation of the grain: threshing drum, straw walkers and cleaning system are always on the same level
  • Increased comfort for the operator – direct fit
  • Full use of the volume of the grain tank fewer stops to unload
  • Even distribution of weight on the driving wheels improves traction, ensures excellent stability on the slopes
Controls HillMaster
Controls HillMaster Controls HillMaster

To facilitate traffic harvester can be lowered to transport position Is performed with simultaneous lowering of both sides of the harvester. Two switches on the console CommandTouch armrest allow the operator to enable and disable the mode of automatic alignment and automatic block system alignment for manual adjustments. These same controls are used for lifting machine in the working position or lowering into a transport.

  • The leveling cylinders to raise and lower directly from the cabin when you switch from road mode to working.
  • The warning light turns on when the leveling system will reach a maximum compensation of 15 %.
15 % + 7 % compensation slope
Final drives HillMaster Final drives HillMaster

The HillMaster system provides horizontal position of the entire frame of the combine, compensating for slopes of up to 15 %. This payment of 15% is supplemented by the SlopeMaster system, which can be installed on all John Deere combines. Slope Master collects the material accumulating at the sides of the upper sieve and directs it through the threshing system , adding a 7% slope compensation. When HillMaster Slope works in conjunction with the Master, even on slopes up to 22% can achieve performance flat combine.


Conventional final drives bolted to the swivel plate. When extension or retraction of the rods the powerful hydraulic cylinders final drives and wheels to move up and down in opposite directions, maintaining the horizontal position of the harvester.

Inclined camera HillMaster
Inclined camera HillMaster Inclined camera HillMaster

Inclined HillMaster camera is standard on all combines HillMaster. It provides a cross slope to match the angle of tilt of the combine.


Front swivel frame of the inclined camera HillMaster provides tilt up to +/- 9 degrees:

  • Height adjustment and adherence of the header to the surface profile of fully automatic.
  • The operator can lock the inclination of the harvester moving through a path or driving on hilly terrain.