The skid steer loaders 312GR

Your ideas, our innovations

Before designing the G – series, we discussed with our customers their requirements and expectations for the skid steer loader. When the comments were collected and analyzed, we rolled up our sleeves and began to translate the ideas into reality. What happened? Four new models with vertical and radial lifting arrows. These versatile machines feature improved specifications and are available with an advanced option package, so they have everything you need to work wherever you need to do it.

Master data

Standards, exhaust gas emission regulation, Interim Tier 4
Arrow, with its radial lift
Cabin space increased by 25%
Ease of transportation

Do you need a base loader with a side turn? Well-equipped models 312GR and 314G may be equipped with boom with radial and vertical lift. Mechanical controls and economical diesel engines ensure simple and profitable operation.
Due to its light weight up to 2940 kg, these compact machines are easily transported on a trailer.
High values of effort pushing virinova effort, while the increased power, allow you to dig where normal cars just stalled.>
High torque on the bridges and high values of the pull-out force on the boom and bucket help to work on clay soils, quickly move the bulk soil dumps and effectively fill the bucket.

Arrow, with its radial lift

Boom, with its radial lift models 312GR and 316GR provide high performance for dredging, and a significant elevation at a competitive price of the machine.
More takeaways with an average height of lift; great for digging, grading and backfilling when reversing.
Thanks to its low centre of gravity and excellent weight distribution, the skid steer loader demonstrates exceptional manoeuvrability and stability when working on slopes.

The engine and cooling system

Turbocharged diesel engines are standard EPA Interim Tier 4 (IT4) / EU Stage IIIA 2.0 litre complies with the strict standards for exhaust emissions, showing high levels of power and torque.
Large heat sinks provide an intensive heat dissipation to maximize the effectiveness of work in conditions of increased stress. The belt-driven cooling fan mounted on the motor is reliable and efficient.
The automatic idling function is activated when the hydraulic functions are not activated. This reduces noise and fuel consumption.
The engine auto-stop system prevents the engine from overheating and a critical decrease in the level of process fluids by the end of the shift.

Comfort in the cockpit

Folding doors with increased openings facilitate entry into the machine and increase the level of operator convenience. Inside the cabin increased legroom.
The cabin is sealed, which helps to reduce the noise level inside.
Ergonomic seat provides improved visibility: the operator can see the cutting edge and the corners of the bucket, as well as areas of the site located in front of the machine and behind it. This allows you to work freely in a limited space. * Optional sealed keypad provides easy access to a number of functions such as Keyless start and anti-theft settings.
On the top panel controls are conveniently placed: on the left-a plate with information about the machine, on the right — switches and regulators. The LCD display shows the detailed indicators of the state machine and controls, including indicators for advanced diagnostics.
The adjustable ergonomic seat with a high backrest provides all-day comfort. In addition, all models can be equipped with a heated seat with suspension.
The boom locking mechanism activated from the cab and the triple locking system reacting to the presence of the operator help to minimize the risk of injury.

Smooth operation

G-series forklifts are assembled from the same components as larger frame forklifts, which indicates their exceptional reliability.
Final drive chains operating in oil baths do not require adjustment throughout the working day. Reinforced drive sprockets also have great durability.
Adding fuel and topping up of other fluids is performed conveniently and quickly. Large capacity tank and efficient diesel engines allow you to work throughout the day and increase the amount of work performed until the next refueling.
Large cross boom posts and strong upper rods provide the necessary margin of safety and reliability in the course of long-term operation.
Hydraulic fittings with end o-ring virtually eliminate oil leakage, adversely affecting the operation of the machine and increase the level of costs.
To prevent corrosion, the switches and electrical connectors of the machine are protected from moisture and dirt.
The spring-activated and hydraulically open wet Parking brake requires absolutely no adjustment and ensures reliable braking of the machine.

Service availability

Behind the hinged rear door are all daily service points and cooling system components. They are available from ground level. To start maintenance, you need to tilt up the rollover protection (ROPS) structure.
The new design of the Quik-Tatch system ensures optimal and trouble-free access to the oil presses, minimizing the time and cost of machine maintenance.
Open the rear door, fully retracting it to the side, and lift the hood to gain easy access from ground level to the measuring probes, fuel and liquid filler throats, and filters. To facilitate access to the transmission components, the cab is also raised, which requires no more than five minutes.
The swing-out rear door and hydraulic oil radiator can be moved aside to make it easier to remove debris and clean the radiator cores.
Handle rods and the filler caps are of different colors, which simplifies the procedures for checking and topping fluids. Transparent tanks and visual indicators allow you to quickly check the levels of fuel, hydraulic oil and windscreen washer fluid.
The screw-on engine oil filter and fuel filter are fixed to the engine and are very easy to replace. Extended service intervals reduce downtime, including for planned maintenance.
New transport eyelets built into the boom body are easily accessible. To use them, the operator does not have to get under the car.

Worksite pro™attachments

The Worksite Pro™ range of attachments, which includes more than 100 options, allows you to equip the g-series skid steer loader with everything you need. The Quik Tatch™ universal quick-release coupler helps you change your bucket to a fork or any other attachments in seconds. As standard, each compact model is equipped with powerful hydraulics that allows you to control drills, hydraulic hammers, trenchers, soil cutters, etc.;
A choice of buckets available in different capacities and widths for different types of work: rock, multi-purpose, construction, universal buckets and buckets with teeth. New bucket greidernaya fifth’s great for leveling in reverse.
Grabs – for the capture of scrap and waste, as well as agricultural work — are equipped with two dual-function tongs with hydraulic drive, which provide reliable retention of a variety of materials.
In winter, the G-series can be equipped with a rotary snowplow, snowblower, General purpose blade or rotary brush.
Our rotary brushes, vibrators, road cutters, hydraulic hammers and a wide range of buckets, which are perfect for concrete or asphalt pavement, will bring the road surface in order.
The list of options of equipment for the improvement of landscapes, nurseries and greenhouses includes rotary tillers, augers with planetary drive, pallet fork, soil cutters, planners, dozer blades, and roller profilers. And this is not a complete list.
On the choice of universal grabs and scrapers for manure/material, pallet fork, forks for bales and bales and buckets for feeding, cleaning paddocks and stalls, and many other farm activities.