John Deere represents the new caterpillar bulldozer 950K

The John Deere company has filled up a line of the road-building equipment with the new bulldozer 950K. Double-circuit hydrostatic transmission, the reliable diesel engine, good visibility and ease of control of car belong to advantages of the bulldozer. Besides, new economy mode which allows to regulate engine speed is available to operators and at the expense of it to save up to 20% of fuel. The increased power and operational mass of the bulldozer allow to cope successfully both with soil movement, and with operations of exact gradering.

The caterpillar bulldozer 950K is a new development of the John Deere company which along with model 1050K which has successfully proved in the Russian market continues a line of bulldozers K of a series. This bulldozer possesses the same indicators of reliability and durability, as well as earlier model, but at the same time his impressive technical characteristics make him by the noticeable player in the class. By production of model 950K the high quality standards of John Deere were observed, advanced technologies and highly reliable components were used.