John Deere presents powerful and maneuverable loaders of the Brazilian production

John Deere announces the beginning of deliveries of the wheel loaders of the K-II series designed in the USA and made at the plant in Indaiatuba, Brazil. New models 524K-II, 544K-II, 624K-II will provide you such advantages as high efficiency, the increased operational reliability and the cut operational costs.

Wheel loaders are equipped with the reliable diesel engine of the Tier 3 standard and the filter of preliminary purification of inlet air which prolongs engine service life. All wheel loaders of the K-II series in a basic equipment are equipped with five-high-speed transmission of PowerShift which differs in smooth gear shifting. Also, cars are equipped with new function of adaptive switching off of coupling that allows to increase work productivity in comparison with the previous models of a series K.

Important advantage of wheel loaders of the K-II series – unsurpassed service availability. Carrying out daily service doesn’t demand a lot of time as all components demanding daily maintenance are conveniently grouped on the left board of the car. The unique Quad-Cool cooling system provides free bilateral access to radiators that allows to simplify the procedure of cleaning significantly.

New wheel loaders will be perfectly shown ебя on various building sites and will cope practically with any task, thanks to the wide range of options which can be established at the plant or by means of the dealer. So, for example, at equipment by the optional system of smoothness of the course, hydraulic cylinders of raising of an arrow work as shock-absorbers: extinguish blows and allow the car to move on an uneven surface, without material prosypaniye.

Work of the operator will become even more effective thanks to the modernized cabin equipped with a convenient chair with a pneumopendant, to ergonomic governing bodies and the advanced multipurpose LCD monitor on which indicators of operation of the machine and diagnostic data are displayed. Wide tinted glasses and the low-profile console provide excellent visibility, and the tight push-button panel (SSM) with function of start without key allows to activate numerous functions of the car easily.

“We are sure that the Russian customers will appreciate a new series of wheel loaders. As cars are made at the hi-tech plant of the John Deere company in the city of Indayatuba (piece of São Paulo, Brazil) and differ in the excellent productivity and high technical readiness”, – Alexey Zhurkevich, the manager on grocery marketing of John Deere notes.