John Deere E300 LC Excavators

High quality known all over the world

John Deere has been producing high quality products for more than 177 years. The whole world appreciates our construction equipment for which high productivity, low operating costs, lack of unplanned downtime have always been the norm. Some of the best samples, manufactured at the company’s world-class, with modern equipment, steel excavators E300 LC, LC E330, E360 LC. The machines are equipped with John Deere PowerTech engines, which are highly reliable and economical. One example of the embodiment of the wishes of customers is a color Russified display. Now the operator can diagnose the main systems of the machine.
Master data

John Deere PowerTech™ 6068H engine certified to EU Stage II.
Control valve with open center, positive flow control.
Cooling fan with variable speed.
High-quality seals of all openings of the cabin provide excellent sound insulation, and the cabin hydraulic supports block vibration and create comfortable working conditions for the operator.


Many years of John Deere PowerTech™ engine experience prove their high reliability and performance.

Excavator E300 LC has a fan on the Vistronic clutch with variable speed and electronic control, which is characterized by low noise level, ensures low fuel consumption and efficient cooling of the engine.
Hydraulic system

Paired with the John Deere PowerTech™ engine, the open-center hydraulic system delivers impressive power, precision and efficiency.

Four modes of operation of the hydraulic system allow the operator to select the desired level of performance and fuel consumption. Low performance mode and economical mode involves limiting engine speed and hydraulic power, which provides fuel economy. When operating under normal conditions, the standard mode allows you to balance power, speed and fuel consumption. High-performance mode helps to achieve maximum power and speed of operation of the hydraulic system.
Comfort in the cockpit

Each operator will appreciate the spacious and comfortable cabin with sound insulation, fully adjustable seat with mechanical suspension and a large windshield, providing excellent visibility in all conditions.

The volumetric storage compartment behind the seat allows the operator to set a comfortable angle and serves as a place to place the cooler.

Two-piece windshield provides excellent visibility. If necessary, it can be opened and the lower section removed and secured to a special bracket.

A polycarbonate roof hatch is standard.

Automatic adjustment system allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature in the cab and prevents fogging of the glass.

Large multi-language LCD monitor provides access to data and functions of the machine, including information about the operation, details of the built-in diagnostics, etc.
Ease of management

Ergonomic levers with low stroke provide smooth control with low effort. Rotary regulator allows you to control the engine speed.

With the rotary knob, you can control the engine speed with your fingertips.

The sealed keypad allows you to start the machine without a key, as well as use security codes and adjust other machine settings.
Easy maintenance

Hood cover with lifting mechanism provides easy access to the engine.

Due to the fact that the service points are grouped, it is easier to lubricate the machine and carry out daily liquid level checks.

Engine oil and fuel filters can be replaced from ground level, which simplifies and accelerates maintenance.
Structures and chassis

Each part contributes to the strength of the machine. For example, the ribs protect the handle when lifting a loaded bucket, and the steel caps protect the press oiler from getting dirt.Undercarriage Sealed and lubricated undercarriage and high-strength welded X-frame provide a solid and stable platform.

The inclined track frame does not allow accumulation of material, which reduces the time for cleaning.