9520RT Tractor

This power is intelligence

Farms are getting larger, and their effective management requires high power and smart solutions which will allow to increase reliability and reduce operating costs. Engine with a maximum output of 572 horsepower and transmission e18 machine 9520RT provide optimum performance at the right time.

information is taken from the official site John Deere (www.deere.com) and the site of our partner AGA Parts (www.aga-parts.com)

Machine 9520RT ensure maximum power transfer to the ground, providing the largest contact area among all caterpillar agricultural tractors. Superior hydraulic characteristics determine a powerful hydraulic flow to the largest accessories at low engine speeds.

Main features:
Manufacturer: John Deere (John Deere)
Years of issue: 2015 –
Engine power (rated): 520 HP
Engine power (maximum): 572 HP
The engine displacement: 13.5 liters
Modifications of the tractor: 9520R – wheel 4WD; 9520RT – tracked; 9520RX – articulated crawler
Plant manufacturer: Waterloo, Iowa, USA
Series tractors: 9R Series
Price: On request
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Fuel: 1324,8 l
Hydraulic system: 300,2 l; 307,7 l (with drawbar and PTO)
Exhaust liquid: 83,3 l (DEF)
3-point linkage:
Type of sample: IV, IVn
Payload sample: 6804 kg 9072 kg
Box power take-off (PTO):
Rear PTO: independent (optional)
Clutch: electro-hydraulic
Speed rear PTO: 1000 (1,75)
Mechanical characteristics:
Chassis: crawler
Steering: power
Brakes: hydraulic wet disk
Trailer brakes: hydraulic (optional)
Cab: Standard Command View III Cab with air conditioning. AutoTrac ready
Cab: ISOBUS 11783; JDLink ready
Type: closed center pressure compensated flow
Capacity: 300,2 l; 307,7 l (with drawbar and PTO)
Pressure in hydraulics: 200,0 bar
The rear flaps: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
The feed pump: 219,5 l/min; 435,3 l/min (with the second 57GPM pump)
Electrical characteristics:
Earth: negative
Charging system: generator
Number: 3
Cold-cranking amps: 925
Battery voltage: 12
Engine performance option # 1:
Model and type: John Deere PSS, turbocharging with variable geometry, diesel, liquid cooled
The engine displacement: 13.5 liters
Number of cylinders: 6
Bore / Stroke: 132 x 165 mm
Compression: 16: 1
Emissions: Level 4
Emissions control: selective catalytic reduction
Rated power: 520 HP (EC 97/98)
Maximum power: 572 HP (97/68 EC)
Nominal rpm: 2100
Starter: Electric
Voltage starter: 12
Transmission (option # 1):
Gearbox: e18 PowerShift
Type: full power shift
Transfer: 18 forward and 6 back
Overall dimensions of the tractor:
Tire front: 30, 36-inch tracks
Tires rear: 30, 36-inch tracks
Weight (shipping): 20371 kg
Weight with cargo: 24494 kg