9520R Tractor

John Deer 9520 R is a large tractor for large farms. Technique was developed by leading engineers from the United States, it is able to offer decent performance at a reasonable price. Moreover, the outstanding abilities of the machine allow to achieve excellent results in any sphere of activity. The tractor is equipped with electronic components that ensure efficient and uninterrupted work. In addition, the abundance of electronics will not adversely affect maintainability, but rather the opposite – increased reliability and low maintenance.In this tractor, in addition to the power and support to a variety of attachments to focus the comfort and ease, ergonomics and practical materials, protection and safety of the tractor and operator. In this article we will look at the advantages and capabilities of the model John Deere 9520 R, and characteristics of the tractor.

Description and purpose

John Deere 9520 R – tractor heavy class, fit for different kinds of operations, in agriculture and in the construction field, but also in utilities and search-and-rescue operations. The machine can be equipped with banovallum, Hiller, cultivator and other popular suspension devices with which you can perform earth-moving operations of a certain scale, including large cultivated areas. Besides, the technique is adapted for unloading and loading, and drag loads.In the construction of the tractor can be used, for example, to move heavy and concrete structures. In addition, this machine is suitable for Stripping debris of urban infrastructure. Model don Deere 9520R established itself in the cleaning of large areas of debris or snow. With its versatile capabilities, the technique has become popular not only in the public sphere, but also among private owners – businessmen and entrepreneurs who want to earn some money on the rental of tractors.


  • Developer – John Deere
  • The start year production to 2015
  • Engine type – John Deere PSS, ditalini, six-cylinder, liquid-cooled
  • The working volume of 13.5 liters
  • Category emissions of harmful substances – IV
  • Capacity from 520 to 572 horsepower
  • Fuel system – electronic injection
  • Rpm – 2100 rpm
  • Electric starter – there is
  • Family tractors – 9R
  • Fuel capacity – 1514 l
  • Tank capacity hydraulic system 220 l
  • Tank capacity exhaust fluid – 83 l
  • Linkage – three-point, category IV
  • The capacity of the hitch from 6.8 to 9 tons
  • PTO – independent
  • Grip – electro-hydraulic
  • The speed of the PTO – 1000
  • Chassis – all-wheel drive, differential lock front and rear
  • Steering gear – hydraulic wet disc
  • Cabin – standard air-conditioned AutoTrac
  • The hydraulic capacity – 435 litres per minute ( with two pumps)
  • The hydraulic pressure – 200 bar
  • Power type – generator 240 amp
  • Transmission – e18 PowerShift with 18 forward and 6 reverse gears.

Features of design and operation

  1. The tractor is equipped with a turbocharged engine which improves the engine power to 570 HP, depending on load. However, increase torque, and other the traction. Despite the large working volume of 13.5 liters, the developers managed to reduce fuel consumption and reduce harmful emissions. It became possible thanks to the Common Rail injection system, which evenly distributes the fuel mixture throughout the combustion chamber. In addition to reducing noise and improving environmental performance, this feature helped to increase the driving dynamics of the tractor.Electric starter ensures smooth and rapid start-up of the power plant at sub-zero temperatures and effective cooling system effectively combats overheating with huge loads
  2. Along with high power exceeding 550 HP, the tractor is equipped with highly efficient transmission with the Efficiency Manager system. This technology not only saves fuel, but allows you to unlock the full potential of the power plant. Moreover, it is promoted perfectly tuned gear ratios in the box. Transmission has to its credit 18 front and rear 6 speeds. This amount of gear have a positive impact not only on efficiency, but also to smoothness.Moreover, the box operates completely silently and without vibrations, and quietly goes through the transfer, one after another, without any jerks and jerks when shifting
  3. The hydraulic system of the tractor John Deere 9520R is equipped with a powerful pump, designed for a throughput of about 220 liters per minute. When you install a second pump this indicator will be altogether 435 liters per minute. Electronics continuously maintains the pressure in the hydraulics at the level of 200 bar. In addition, pay attention to the powerful coupling device, providing a capacity of 6.8 tons nominal and up to 9.1 tons in the maximum mode. Such a measure has been achieved by hydraulics, as well as a unique power takeoff (PTO).The rear PTO speed is equal to the value 1000.
  4. Tractor John Deere 9520R sample 2015 model year equipped with a new generation cab that provides premium comfort. High-quality finish and ergonomic design add comfort and convenience, which is very important for long hours of use. Cabin got a brand name CommandView III, it is not only spacious and wide adjustment range, high degree of protection against corrosion and other external influences. So, pay attention to the protective covering of the body with a multi-layered painting that resists chips and scratches.In addition, the walls of the cabin is Soundproofed, which reduced to a minimum vibration and noise. Of course, the developers solved the problem of visibility – a wide area of glazing provided an overview in all directions. Not to mention the integrated system of air conditioning and heating, whereby the temperature in the cabin will be optimal in any weather – how to frost and heat. You can install leather seats are heated and adjustable in height. The steering column also received adjustments.The presence of settings allows you to select the optimal position depending on the size and growth of the operator. Pay attention to the brand CommandRAM console, which is unit with various multimedia technologies. Among them are Bluetooth, USB, four acoustic dynamics and even a subwoofer. Also has a touchscreen, with which you can control multimedia functions, as well as moving parts of the tractor
  5. For tractor John Deere 9520R are two types of suspension. So, the chassis is called HydraCushion maintain optimum performance and minimize resonant vibrations. Suspension improves traction, including deep and raised bumps, ruts, holes and muddy ground. Especially for model 9520R is provided a system of front axle with hydraulic suspension. Alternatively, another proposed AirCushion suspension, which further smoothes uneven – due to the soft dampers and big stroke of the springs.The suspension is integrated in the Central hinge, which ensures the reliability of the design when you turn the levers. In addition to the springs and the shock absorber to soften the bumps and smooth out the bumps managed with the help of air bags and a reinforced shock absorber
  6. The security system of the tractor is responsible for monitoring the moving parts of the tractor, the degree of loading and the position of the implement. Also, the electronic assistant monitors the temperature and pressure. A Central computer receives information from sensors, and the processed data is then graphically displayed on the display in the operator cab. When you encounter a problem (for example, in the case of exceeding the permissible load or increase the temperature) the system will eliminate the problem and allow to interfere in the situation the driver for the subsequent solution of the problem.