9470RX Tractor

• Increased bearing surface area, less soil compaction with track belts 76.2 cm or 91.4 cm long.

• The maximum capacity of the hydraulic system reaches 435 l / min (optional).

• JDLink telematics solutions.

• Engine PowerTech 13.5 l.

9470RX-created to work in the field.

The machines of the series 9R/9RT natural — born movers. But we knew we could use their potential even better in three key areas: ground pressure distribution, speed and efficiency, and driving comfort.

What is the result? Big brother series 9R. 9470RX-designed for pure traction power. With a maximum engine power of 517 HP, 18-speed transmission with electronic control and four tracks providing incredible traction, the tractor 9rx maximum distributes the pressure on the ground. This machine is ideal for towing the heaviest loads and greatly facilitates work such as cultivation, plowing, loosening and planting.

Rated power (97/68 EC) 346 kW
470 HP.

Maximum output (97/68 C) 380
517 HP.

Torque at 1600 rpm 2169 Nm