8335R Tractor

Due to the comprehensive improvement series tractors 8R/8RT we have reached the highest level of performance and efficiency by implementing a wide range of powerful new features and increasing traction of our legendary tractors.

The versatility and manageability. The comfort and reliability. High performance and low operating costs. 8335R tractor is ideal for farmers and contractors who value their time.



Cab CommandView II

In JohnDeere for operator comfort and ergonomics, because the ease and comfort means reducing stress and fatigue, which contributes to greater productivity during the working day. So prepare for an unforgettable trip!


Spacious new CommandView III cab — one of a kind. The seat is adjustable in longitudinal and transverse directions and is equipped with lumbar support. Seat exclusive John Deere ActiveSeat ensures a smooth ride on the road and field. Additional leather package includes leather steering wheel, leather operator’s seat and heated leather seat for the instructor.


The 4100 CommandCenter

The presence of the display — this is a mandatory requirement for precision farming. The display works as a tablet with touch screen: navigate through the options is simplified through the menus, shortcuts, and context sensitive help. AMS functions like AutoTrac can be activated directly through the Generation 4 CommandCenter.

Simple controls CCM

On CommandARM levers and connectors selective control valve are color-coded for easy recognition. For convenience and ease of use of the CCM, they can be controlled through the installed in the middle of the block electro-hydraulic valve remote control or, for enhanced maneuverability with the joystick.



Automatic driving system provides additional comfort, reducing the cost of production factors:

AutoTrac allows you to master straight and curved track, work in conditions of poor visibility, reducing the number of skips and doubles at 90 %, which ultimately leads to saving of fertilizers, seeds and fuel. With the new CommandCenter monitor You are ready to go. You just need 6000 StarFire receiver and AutoTrac activation.


Intelligent and integrated equipment control (iTEC Pro) includes the AutoTrac automatic steering system and control system work equipment to control tractor speed, raise front and rear mounted implements and differential lock. This allows you to turn corners without touching the steering, and reduces soil compaction.


John Deere FarmSight: Profit from understanding. With a new series 8R You can use the latest precision agriculture technologies that allow you to work with the service system from John Deere FarmSight, our comprehensive approach to increase productivity and output to a new level of farm management.



The John Deere Telematics:

The communication system between cars JDLink combines built-in CANBUS system with satellite positioning and wireless communication to remotely optimize the performance of 8 tractors of the series and to identify potential problems before the operator has time to notice them. The system continuously collects and transmits the data to machine monitoring, proactive maintenance and remote diagnostics.


Remote display access John Deere:

Using the JDLink infrastructure to connect to the GreenStar 3 2630 display in the cab, remote display access John Deere allows managers and dealers to remotely assist operators with machine setup, adjustment and operation of tractors, combines, forage harvesters and sprayers as well as ISOBUS implement – almost as if You were in the cockpit. This means: faster service and maximum uptime.



Independent suspension:

Unprecedented power delivery of the new John Deere 8R series makes it easy to transport heavy loads and perform the work under load, while using less fuel. Independent suspension (ILS) with mechanical front wheel drive (MFWD) wheeled tractor series 8R allows you to apply more power to the ground in the field and on the road, with reduced ballasting of the tractor to reduce soil compaction and increase the fuel efficiency.

In combination with ActiveSeat achieves exceptional ride comfort. Improved design of the ILS front axle reduces the amount of maintenance thanks to the use of lubricated U-joints and a reduction in lubrication points from 28 to 6 or 8 (depending on configuration). Just grease the suspension cylinder and ACS control arms with the interval of 500 hours.


Reduced effort for steering

The electronic control system ActiveCommand (ACS) is the most reliable and comprehensive steering system in any tractor. Whether in the field or on the road, ACS reduces effort, eliminates backlash and shifting of the steering wheel, significantly reduces vibration and generally improves operator comfort and control. At the same time, the system supports the feeling of control of the tractor operator, as in the traditional system the steering column.