6155M Tractor

Tractor 6155М

System with compensation for pressure and flow (PFC), 114 l/min

Tractor 6M with PFC
Tractor 6M with PFC

The 6M series tractors allow you to use the optional hydraulic system PFC closed center with flow rate of 114 l/min and adjustable working pressure 200 bar. The hydraulic system included in the basic package of tractors 6155M–6195M.

The hydraulic system is able to recognize the load and, if necessary, immediately opens the oil flow with a valve on the pump. If the stream is no longer required, the pump returns to low pressure standby mode and without flow.


  • Reducing the load on the engine
  • The improved fuel economy
  • Improved oil cooling
  • Reducing internal leakage
  • Reducing the level of noise in a hydraulic system
  • Reducing the load on the hoses and seals
  • Improving the overall efficiency of the tractor
  • Quick system response
  • Minimal energy loss since the pump then returns to zero output in the absence of the need for oil

The pressure in the entire system is determined by the function requiring the highest pressure. Decreasing the load decreases and pressure requirements of the hydraulic pump and engine power.

Among other advantages of the hydraulic system are the following:

  • Valves with mechanical control
  • Hydraulic steering for ease of operation
  • Hydraulic disc brakes wet type, ensuring superior braking performance
  • 3-point hitch with increased lift capacity, which allows working even with the heaviest mounted implements

High-performance hydraulic pump

the Hydraulic pump is located near the valve hitch and selective control valves (SCV) and has the following features:

  • Smaller number and shorter length of pipelines
  • Quick system response
  • Minimum energy loss

Pump with flow 114 l/min included in the basic package machines 6155M–6195M.

The main components have priority

Even at low idle priority valve provides supply full power to the main components, such as:

  • Steering
  • Brake
  • Hydraulic brakes of the trailer (when available)

Hydraulic system and a transmission system functionally isolated; however, both of these systems use a common tank, which simplifies maintenance.

The volume of the selected oil with additional tank or without
the Overview

When using the hydraulic system PFC to increase the volume of the tank system, an additional oil tank capacity is 12 L. It allows you to maintain optimum oil level in all components of the drive and ensures reliability and efficiency.

Transmission CommandQuad PLUS — available for all tractors of the series 6M with cabin

Transmission CommandQuad PLUS is available as an option for all 6M tractors with cab. Transmission CommandQuad PLUS Eco, distinguishing itself an impressive reliability at the level of sending AutoQuad, at the same time provides added convenience and increases operator productivity with enhanced features automatic switching.

This transmission has 20 forward speeds and 20 reverse gears (20F/20R) for the three leading models (24F/24R for 4-cylinder models), are equipped with left-hand lever reverse mechanism and has four PowerShift transmission in five fully synchronized ranges (six ranges for less powerful models). Powershift gear selected is displayed on the digital display (1-4).

Model 6M in action
Model 6M in action
Transmission CommandQuad PLUS
Transmission CommandQuad PLUS
Descriptions of the levers
Descriptions of the levers

A: the adjustment knob on the shift lever — used to set the maximum speed of the tractor
B: brake Lever
: range gear — change during operation
G: shift Lever — for right hand automatic switch, left-hand manual switch
D: adjusting Lever engine speed

CommandQuad Eco PLUS allows you to move with a speed of 2.5 km/h (with the rear tyres with the index rolling circumference (RCI) group 47). The maximum speed is 40 km/h.


Speedwall shows excellent characteristics of overlapping transmissions. Similar results are provided for the entire series 6M.

CommandQuad Eco PLUS
CommandQuad Eco PLUS
Code Description Available for Information
1500 CommandQuad PLUS 24/24, 40 km/h 6110M The lever includes an electrical reverse mechanism on the left side
Requires brakes Powerfill (code 8765)
1501 CommandQuad PLUS 20/20, 40 km/h 6155M, 6175M, 6195M The lever includes an electrical reverse mechanism on the left side
Requires brakes Powerfill (code 8765)
1502 CommandQuad PLUS Eco 24/24, 40 km/h 6110M 40 km/h at reduced engine speed
Includes an electric lever of the reverse mechanism on the left side
Requires brakes Powerfill (code 8765)
1503 PLUS, CommandQuad Eco 20/20, 40 km/h 6155M, 6175M, 6195M 40 km/h at reduced engine speed
Includes an electric lever of the reverse mechanism on the left side

CommandQuad Eco PLUS

This system allows to optimize the management, operation and fuel economy. With a maximum speed of 40 km/h Eco system automatically reduces the engine rpm to 1550 rpm (for 6195M, with similar results for the entire series).

  • The engine speed in Eco mode

At part load this setting allows you to adjust the minimum engine speed

    • When working with partial loads automatic reduction of engine speed (if possible) allows to reduce fuel consumption
    • When performing certain types of work (on or off the PTO) feature will reduce the speed of the engine can be turned off (Eco mode disabled)
Advantages CommandQuad Eco PLUS
Advantages CommandQuad Eco PLUS


  • Fully automatic gear shift without using the clutch
  • Includes the AutoClutch feature which enhances usability
  • The noise reduction
  • Vibration reduction
  • Increase operator comfort
  • The ability to save any two given initial transmission
  • Switching function ranges — for more information see the link at the bottom of the page
  • Reducing the number of switches ranges compared to other transmissions
  • The ranges are ideal for agricultural work

Work transmission CommandQuad PLUS Eco

After starting the tractor the operator selects a range by clicking one of the buttons ranges in the control center. Ranges are denoted by letters: A, B, C and Be/ B-F. the Operator may select MultiRange, which provides smooth shifting and automatic switching of ranges without using the buttons activate or deactivate the clutch.

The desired transmission can be selected using the shift lever. After setting the preset position of the throttle operator can move the left lever of the mechanism in reverse position or reverse. The operator can raise and lower the transmission in the selected range (ranges) as appropriate.

The initial transmission can be programmed using the controls on the digital display. You can save any two initial transmission.

Transmission operation
Transmission operation

Two modes of operation: automatic and manual

CommandQuad Eco PLUS provides two different ways to work with a selected range of transmission. In manual mode the operator can shift gears and ranges without using the clutch by moving the control lever forward (in the direction of the indicator “+”) or backward (in the direction of the indicator “-“). In automatic mode Traktor will automatically switch to set switching points depending on engine load.

Automatic and manual modes
Automatic and manual modes

Fully automatic mode

fully automatic control system optimizes the operation of the engine and sending depending on the load, selecting the most appropriate gear and engine speed for maximum fuel efficiency. The operator only needs to set the desired ground speed by using the control knob.

The function of expected load is

a Function of the expected load is standard on all tractors with the CommandQuad transmission PLUS Eco. A function of the expected load allows the transmission CommandQuad PLUS Eco to predict the level of engine load expected when activated coupling device or a function selective control valve (SCV).

  • Fully automatic mode — a function of the expected load is always on
  • Custom mode — the operator can enable or disable the function of expected load (hitch, PTO or valves SCV)

The function of expected load is activated in the following cases:

  1. The SCV valve is commanded to increase the flow of more than 25 percent, or the valve will operate in continuous flow mode. In this case, the tractor increases the engine speed to save fuel.
  2. If the drawbar is lowered (increasing turnover by more than 6 percent) or rises, the system increases the engine speed below 1,500 rpm.

Note: the Function of expected load is also activated when using the functions of the SCV valve or coupling device, programmed within a sequence of application of iTEC.

NOTE: Full instructions, see the user manual.

Smooth shifting
Smooth shifting
Smooth shifting

This electronic interaction of engine and transmission makes the gear shift for a quadruple band transmission smoother. When you upshift the transmission commands to a small decrease in engine speed for several milliseconds, thus setting the optimal switching speed.

When downshifting the engine speed briefly increases and then decreases again after the switch. Intelligent system for smooth switching regulates the degree of increase and decrease in engine speed depending on the load on the tractor. If necessary, the system for smooth switching can be turned off, for example, during packing of the coils.

The coordination of speeds


  • The control unit coordination of speeds selects the next appropriate stage of the gear shift after switching to range up or down depending on the current speed.
  • Using the dashboard the operator can enable or disable the function of the coordination of speeds, and set the mode to “off when the PTO”.
  • The coordination of speeds is available at speeds above 7 km/h.


  • Allows the operator to smoothly switch from one band to another
The AutoClutch function — control without effort
The AutoClutch feature in action
The AutoClutch feature in action

The clutch automatically opens when the brakes are being applied and closes when you release the brakes. The AutoClutch feature is deactivated if you use one-sided braking of the wheels when the engine speed is above 900 rpm, This means the following: If one-sided braking of the wheels is used to turn (for example), then the clutch is not activated until the engine speed exceeds 900 rpm.

Changing sensitivity settings AutoClutch allows you to change the way automatic shut-off clutch. This allows you to change the amount of delay between initiation of braking and the time of release. When properly configured, this feature improves braking performance when towing a trailer. The lower the sensitivity, the more involved the brakes of the trailer to maintain the tension of the fastening Assembly on the coupling device. In addition, when low sensitivity to inhibition is necessary to apply more force to the brake pedal.

For AutoClutch function can be set to low, medium or high sensitivity level or disable the feature.

Sensitivity functions AutoClutch
Sensitivity functions AutoClutch
  • Sensitivity adjustment increases operator comfort and allows you to optimize the performance of the tractor depending on the task being performed. For example, high sensitivity is used to work in a fenced area with a low speed, and low sensitivity or off functions is suitable for transporting heavy loads over rough terrain.
  • The productivity of the operator and increase the time spent in the field, eliminating the need to use a grip — all to pay more attention to other important aspects of the work.

For more information and details about the functions of transmission, see “Managing engine and transmission for maximum efficiency.”

The recently introduced mechanical cab suspension (MCS) provides an even higher level of operator comfort. Mechanical cab suspension, provides superior comfort while dvijeniya available for all tractors of the series 6M with cabin. Mechanical cab suspension reduces driver fatigue and operator discomfort, especially when performing work requiring a stay in the cockpit for long hours. The system also ensures the stability of the displays in the cockpit during operation.

Cab suspension models 6M
Cab suspension models 6M

The cab is mounted on two fully integrated shock absorbers that absorb vibrations passing through the frame. Suspension travel is +/-50 mm.

Cab suspension models 6M
Cab suspension models 6M
Mechanical cab suspension with installation
Mechanical cab suspension with installation


  • Superior operator comfort, especially at high transport speeds
  • Higher productivity of the operator
  • In addition to a smoother move, the suspension provides a better insulation of the cabin from noise and vibration of the engine, transmission and chassis compared to the base cabin.
  • Provides increased productivity for long hours while performing a variety of challenging work