Solution RTK precision farming AMS

If You are doing the exact agriculture, You need the best possible navigation solution: AutoTrac and RTK (Real Time Kinematic, the positioning system in real time)

the RTK Signal combined with the AutoTrac system provides all the benefits of stationary measurements including the elimination of the offset of the GPS. As a result, we can offer You the most accurate navigation solution. More importantly: it ensures repeatability.

If standard GPS signals are suitable for tillage, planting and spraying before sprouting culture system AutoTrac from John Deere along with RTK simplifies the work in those areas, where precision is extremely important, for example, in the formation of ridges, planting of row crops and cultivation.

System Radio RTK works with a fixed local base station located on the field, tracks the location of the satellites GPS/GLONASS and continuously calculates the vehicle’s position. It sends a corrective signal to the StarFire receiver on the machine, equipped with RTK.