1110G Forwarders

– High precision in the control of manipulator
– Powerful and durable engine
– Torque is 11% higher
– Simple and reliable electrical system


Versatile and manoeuvrable

A new model of forwarder middle class 1110G has increased tractive effort and high precision in the control of the manipulator. The new controllers and CAN bus architecture have reduced the number of connectors, relays and fuses and improved the reliability of the entire electrical system.

The intelligent control system of the IBC manipulator reduces the training time of new operators and significantly improves their efficiency. The new IBC 2.0 software greatly improves the accuracy of manipulator control, especially on the long haul.

Master data
Powerful and precise manipulator

New control units and improved CAN bus architecture have reduced the number of components and improved the accuracy of manipulator control.

The optional intelligent manipulator control system (IBC) can greatly simplify the process of manipulator control. By reducing the impact on the controls and automating the movement of the handle boom and telescope, the IBC system allows the novice operator to work more efficiently. Damping the end of the stroke of the manipulator cylinders increases the durability of the entire manipulator.
Reliable and durable engine

Updated engine John Deere 6068 PowerTech environmental class Tier 2 / Stage II differs increased power and torque. Specially designed for use on off-road vehicles, the diesel engine has a high resource and reliability.
Control and automation system
Simplicity and reliability

The updated TimberMatic F-16 control and automation system has been specially designed to improve the forwarder’s reliability and facilitate the diagnosis of the technical condition of the machine. The customizable user interface allows you to hide menu items and protect the machine settings from unauthorized interference.

The new Meca control units are more efficient and reliable than the previous generation. In the electrical system uses 3 blocks: a block of cabins, the front and rear of the frame. Diagnosis using the TimberMatic system allows you to obtain detailed and accurate information. Fewer relays and fuses have improved the reliability of the entire electrical system.

The jdlink telematics system allows you to quickly obtain information about the technical condition of the machine: data on fuel consumption, engine load and the location of the machine. GSM channel is used for data transmission.
Operator cabin
Various cab options

The operator spends long hours in the cab and its comfort and ergonomics can significantly affect the efficiency. John Deere forwarders can be equipped with a swivel cabin with an alignment system or fixed with a swivel chair.

Updated swivel cab provides plenty of space for feet of the operator and the two possible options the height of the base of the seat. The leveling system allows to reduce the load on the operator when driving over rough terrain. The fixed cab is equipped with a swivel operator’s seat. Large glazing area improves visibility. The cabin is mounted on insulating rubber supports to reduce vibration and noise.

Both cabins are finished with practical materials that are easy to clean. The climate control system provides comfortable working conditions for the operator, regardless of the season. Wiper blades are made of neoprene, more resistant to oil and a greater resource than ordinary rubber.