100 years of production of tractors of John Deere

Mannheim, on March 14, 2018 — this day 100 years ago the Deere & Company was included into business on production of tractors. The history of huge success in branch of production of farm vehicles has begun with the Waterloo Boy tractors on the Midwest of the USA. Today the John Deere company is the leading producer of agricultural tractors. She makes “intellectual” tractors at 12 plants worldwide.

Acquisition of Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company in Iowa for 2,25 million dollars in 1918 has marked the entry of the John Deere company in business on production of tractors. At that time it was the investment which is widely discussed and caused sharp disputes as many critics didn’t trust in the future of tractors and continued to rely on use of traditional horsepowers. Nobody expected that tractor business will turn into the most important basis of growth of the company.

The Waterloo Boy Model N tractor with a power of 12 hp which was made from 1917 to 1924 was the first tractor developed and realized in the market by the John Deere company. The Model D tractor which was issued from 1923 to 1953 became the first completely greenish-yellow tractor under a brand of John Deere. The history of success of tractors of the company has so begun. The Model B series was the real leader among tractors of John Deere — from 1935 for 1953 300 000 cars have been sold. At the same time model 4020 became the most widely sold individual model of the tractor with total sales of 175 000 cars from 1963 for 1971. In 1963 the John Deere company for the first time became the world leader in sales of tractors.

In 1956 the John Deere company has acquired the company on production of the tractors Heinrich Lanz, AG to Mannheim (Germany). This acquisition has allowed the company to expand for the first time production business in Europe. The Lanz company also had a long story in branch on production of tractors; in 1921 she has brought the popular Lanz Bulldog model to the market.

In the next years the John Deere company has continued to strengthen the position in tractor business. Became John Deere the first company which has offered in 1954 steering with the hydraulic booster on tractors. Introduction in 1966 to a design of system of protection when capsizing (ROPS — Roll-Over Protective Structure) — to function of safety which has established the standard for all branch became one more main milestone. The cabin of Sound-Gard which is initially offered by request in 1973 was the first workplace of the operator with protection against dust and adjustment of temperature whereas PowerShift transmission for the first time presented in 1964 has allowed to equip tractors of John Deere with more effective and convenient gear shifting and to increase work productivity in the field.